Virtual Reality and Healthcare? How the Two Are an Emerging Game Changer

Improving services is a constant theme in healthcare training. Training is hard, but practising can be even tougher as there is so little room for error. In addition, changing technologies and practices mean that both medical staff in training and those already qualified are continually facing new challenges.

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Learning on the job is typical and can come with its own issues. However, this ever-changing technology does have its benefits too.

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Healthcare

Imagine stepping into a trauma bay for the first time. The patient, the medical team, all the equipment and, of course, the stress are all there. But from 2017, trainees will be able to experience this in a virtual reality world. Their first experiences in this chaotic environment will be through the safety of a highly realistic headset.

Most professionals in training don’t feel like they receive nearly enough over-the-shoulder experience. However, by using VR in the trauma bay, the number of students potentially standing over the lead medic’s shoulder is limitless.

Safety, Expertise and Efficiency

Virtual training for a trauma room situation delivers three benefits to healthcare. It allows trainees the equivalent of on-the-job training without the risk of life-threatening error. It also brings the experience of real situational familiarity without the trainee getting in the way of more experienced medics. Finally, it allows a performance to be assessed for areas of improvement.

For everyone in the medical community, from the doctor to the insurance company and the contract research organization, introducing VR into the medical training is seen as a game changer. Safer and more cost-effective medical training will mean that even services such as those offered by will benefit from freer access to the pathway to expertise.

Currently, the pilot scheme with OhioHealth has shot three 20-minute virtual reality experiences which the student can enter. Each experience allows the student to look around, listen in on conversations and read medical monitors. The participant can change the location where they are standing, pause the action and replay portions of the event.

Just the Beginning

The team hopes to expand upon their current interactive experiences to acclimatize doctors in all professional areas. From mitigating phobias to improving doctor-to-patient relationships, VR can offer it all.

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Dealing With Obstacles In Clinical Test

To understand how certain newly invented medicine reacts to certain disease, clinical test is pivotal.   Each year, more than hundred clinical tests are performed, however, lately, the number of clinical tests somehow is decreasing. Nevertheless, if you want to, there are bunches valuable healthiness information at For something like clinical tests, it cannot be conducted, if the number of participants are not adequate, and that is the main obstacle dealing with many researchers, nowadays. Want to know the cause? It happens because of the gap between expectation and reality.

When conducting clinical test, participants put higher expectation about the test to bring betterment for their life. If that expectation can’t be met, they will leave. Of course for researchers it becomes their nightmare for the reason it will affect the final result of the test. But the participants for clinical test are not at fault, since they obtain no proper information about the clinical test that is performed. Tackle down that matter like the high expectation of the participant, researchers should know how to fill the gap. Applying for clinical test, many questions are there on the participants mind.

Something like how the clinical test will impact their life, the risk, the rules, the costs, and many other more, researchers should provide them with clear and detail information about the clinical test process. In case there is technology that will be used for clinical test, make sure that your participant know about it and allow them to test or to know the technology before the actual test. The point is that, to deal with obstacle that mostly occurs in clinical test, good communication is essential. Researchers have to provide the information that is needed to prevent any misunderstanding or false assumption related to the clinical test or they will lost their valuable participants.

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Website content is your biggest sales driver – Contentmart


A website is a must for every business. Whether you have one or planning to start a new business you should have a website by your company name. Most importantly, it is the first place where a customer research about your company, company products and services, customers, and locations. So, therefore, it is very crucial to have the relevant and valuable content which is a niche to your business.

Contentmart lists down the factors to be taken into consideration before writing content on the website


  • Research, Research, and Research

Contentmart’s exploratory research says, it is okay to spend quality time on research to carefully jot down the important points of your business. The more you spend time on researching the more you get to know about your competitors and the existing businesses who use web site content to interact with their audience.

  • Choose your niche market and clearly define your target audience

Be as specific as possible. Choosing the niche area of your business is when you will be able to create Unique Selling Proposition of your business. Knowing the target audience is another important facet of the business. Once you have clearly defined the targeted audience then it will be an easy job to write the content writers directly.


  • Create unique and High-quality content

Avoid jargon/gobbledygook and keep the language very simple. Make sure you write only the unique content with correct passive tenses and skip unnecessary words in the website content. Talk about one topic at one place. Do not deviate from the topic and avoid repetition of content on the other pages of the website. Get high quality content from highly skilled content writers in India at

  • Create Strong headlines that suit your business

Understand your audience requirements and create strong headlines according to in the website content. Best is by using bold text, style and italics to make a solid presentation of content.

  • Write persuasive content on Products and services pages

Focus more on benefits rather than features. Write short compelling 2-3 liners about the products or solutions benefits and give a link as read more which directs to open a page and detailed content. You can also find Copywriters at Contentmart marketplace.

  • Show audience your business is growing

Use your testimonials content as a sales pitch to help the customers know that your business is growing. Sharing interesting content with respect to the subject will attract more customers. Basically writing content about a number of happy clients? What is the annual growth rate? A number of projects done? Contentmart suggests using graphics to answer these questions. This will simply attract visitors and trigger them to reach out to you.

  • Strong presence on social media channels

Customers tend to see your visibility on social media channels. Make sure you are active on your social media pages and continuously posts articles, success stories, blogs, infographics, GIFs, videos and so on. Engage with other audience on social media and increase more likes and comments on your blog posts and articles.


Maestros of the Picture of Health

The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, once said: “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”. The statement, made some 2500 years ago, stands true even today. However, with the increasing intake of junk food and unhealthy snacks, various health issues have mushroomed in recent times. When one adds this to the fact that a large number of people today lead sedentary lives with the arrival of computers and mobile phones, we can well understand how the frenetic pace of modern lives can end up shortening their span. Consequently, despite the advances made by science and healthcare, the fact remains that it could be more than likely that the present generation suffers from a lot more ailments and maladies than people who lived a hundred years back.

Keeping this in mind, certain measures that might be small but can yield big and beneficial results have been listed below.
* Positive Thinking: Researchers have established a correlation between the power of positive thinking and the life span of individuals. However, positive thinking does result in lesser time spent worrying and therefore, it does reduce the levels of stress in individuals.
* Physical Activity: Some amount of physical exercise remains a must for each person. Therefore, if working out at the gym puts you off, try other pursuits such as walking, jogging, dancing, swimming etc. They can provide a lot more fun while you exercise. Further, activities like running and dancing also improve the health of your bones.
* Regular intake of Carrots: Eating carrots regularly can aid your eyesight. Carrots have beta-carotene present in them that converts to Vitamin-A in the body.
* Regular intake of oily fish: Oily fish i.e. tuna, sardines, salmons, herrings etc. provide your body with large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This also serves to reduce the chances of suffering a stroke.
* Use Olive Oil: Olive Oil – being a monosaturated form of fat – helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Using it as an alternative for salad dressing and frying foods can be quite beneficial.

People have begun employing a health coach for providing tips and exercises, beneficial to their health. Health Coach Weekly, an online magazine, provides an online means for health coaches to touch the lives of more people. With their message of health and hope – through which they guide people into leading healthier lives – Health Coach Weekly carries messages from experts in health coaching. With their expertise, they help individuals become the very picture of health

Finding Affordable Health Insurance For The Self Employed With Children Online

Individuals who work for themselves have always faced the challenge of health coverage. Health insurance for the self employed singles is often put on the back burner because of the absorbent cost to maintain coverage. Just because you do not qualify for a plan through an employer contributed plan does not mean you should not be covered.

Organizations, Clubs, and Local Associations

Many local organizations and clubs offer discounted insurance plans. It will take some time to do the research, but inquiring where you are already a member might produce surprising results.

Organizations for the self-employed like NASE, provide health benefits for its members. Members are paid cash benefits based on the nature of the illness. Emergency room and hospitalization benefits are available as well as lab tests, x-rays, dental and vision plans.

Some of the big name warehouse clubs offer more than discounted food and goods; they also offer discounted health care. Some have paired up with insurance companies to offer members reduced health care coverage. The Chamber of Commerce in your are may also be able to provide resources for cheaper health insurance rates.

Keep in mind that most organizations require membership fees or dues. When considering the cost of the membership versus the benefits of the programs offered, this may be beneficial even if it is used as a supplement to your major medical.

COBRA Coverage

For those who have been laid off or anticipate losing their job, COBRA extended benefits allow you to maintain your current coverage for up to 18 months. This is a great option if you have no other insurance, but keep in mind that you will have to cover the entire cost. When you know in advance that you will be losing medical coverage, switching to a less expensive plan will keep the costs down while in between jobs.

Insurance Agents Local and Online

Most people think of insurance agents for life and auto insurance, but they can also help with major medical coverage. Insurance agents can put together a list of quotes from which you can pick and choose. This works well for individuals who do not have the time or the patience to research insurance companies. It is important to know what type of coverage you are getting before you sign up so ensure that the policy will meet your needs.

Getting Insurance Through the Internet

A quick search of the internet will yield more insurance companies and plans than you can count. This can be a cumbersome task, but the end result may be a significant cost savings for you. From HMOs to short-term insurance; it is all available on the net and you can take your time and get quotes, investigate the various plans and see what works best for you. The premiums will vary drastically depending on the type of insurance you require and whether you need single or family coverage.

Searching health insurance for the self employed can be time consuming but your due diligence now will pay off in the end. Affordable insurance is out there if you take the time to do the research.

A Brief Look For Health Insurance In A World Of Money Issues

Getting sick is something no one wants to think about, but when it becomes a reality it can be that much harder to deal with. The cost of health care continues to rise, making it difficult to face financially. Consider being faced with a life threatening or lifelong disease and trying to pay for it yourself. This becomes an impossible situation without health insurance. Medicare as it is now cannot be the only option when your family and additional health concerns may arise when you fall ill.

When a person’s health begins to deteriorate it can put them at risk of lost employment and as well as financial hardship due to travel expenses, cost of medical procedures, and medication. This is a risk that should not be taken. Just try and imaging losing your means of transportation, your home, or even worse. Debt is difficult enough to manage without being sick, and without that sickness becoming an added cause of debt and financial difficulty.

Not being able to afford medicine or necessary treatment just adds to the strain of getting sick in the first place. This will only affect your mental health in addition to your physical health. Illness begins to infect all areas of an individual’s life due to financial hardship. This makes it hard to give your family a healthy diet and provide your children with a good education.

Medicare does provide some basic assistance if and when a person qualifies for it. However, even if these requirements are met, the wait can be years before Medicare assistance comes into effect for some individuals. Medicare is also divided into sections and you have to qualify for all parts in order to see the full benefits. Medication, for example, is not at the top of the list.

You have to hope that Medicare covers the drugs that you need, and you must be able to afford the premiums and deductibles that are out of pocket costs. This adds to any financial strain you are faced with when you cannot work. The disadvantages of not having health coverage make the value of purchasing insurance drastically high.

In an aging population, it may become even harder to acquire full assistance through the current Medicare program. It is based on necessity and that will not always include long term pain sufferers if they are surviving (regardless of their quality of life). People should not put their futures on the line by relying on a system that may or may not benefit them.

Insurance providers make up a large list. Finding an affordable plan amongst them will mean that you can avoid outrageous medical expenses and what could become an impossible situation. Coverage can potentially save your life, especially with the economy as it is. For all of these reasons, it needs to be taken very seriously.

Determining which plan is needed and what options are affordable are the first steps in deciding on health cover. Consider whether you need inclusive coverage or if limited coverage is enough. Pay attention to any out of pocket costs you might incur in addition to the upfront costs needed for coverage. When your finances are at risk it is hard enough, but your family, your future and your life are on the line. For these reasons, health insurance is certainly invaluable. Do not wait until it is too late.

Health Benefits of the Chinese Green Tea Diet

Dating back more than 4,000 years, Chinese green tea diet has been long revered as a tasty drink that can ward off diseases and improve one’s well-being. There are only a few herbs that can surpass its impressive history.

Since its first recorded use during the time of Emperor Shen Nung, the link between Chinese green tea diet and good health has never been severed. Today, further studies are made to test the benefits of the remarkable health elixir.

Traditional Health Benefits of the Diet

According to tradition, this diet could cure anything from headaches, body aches, and pains to constipation and depression. Over the centuries, more health claims are made on account of the Chinese green tea diet.

It detoxifies the body. The presence of polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant in this particular tea, is said to combat harmful free radicals and help keep the body free from diseases. In this regard, Chinese green tea helps maintain the overall well-being of the body. It fights against the anti-aging process because the antioxidants can boost immunity, preserve young-looking skin, and brighten the eyes.

Additional health benefits of the green tea is it increases the blood flow throughout the body. Because it contains a little caffeine, ingesting this drink stimulates the heart and allows the blood to flow more freely through the blood vessels. For the same reason that tea stimulates blood flow, it also stimulates mental clarity.

For many years, men of science remained skeptical about the health claims made by Chinese green tea diet enthusiasts because the health benefits are truly vast in number. Their doubt was changed to a more positive reception when subsequent researchers proved its disease-preventing attributes and confirmed most of the health claims.

The Heart

Study after study has shown that drinking green tea and eating polyphenol-rich foods reduces the risk of any heart complications. It helps strengthen the blood vessels that provide oxygen and valuable nutrients to the heart and brain. It has also been researched that men who use the diet have a 75 percent less possibility of having a stroke than those who don’t use the diet.

The green tea diet helps lower total cholesterol levels and improve the ratio between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. Study shows that men who drink nine or more cups of Chinese green tea daily have lower cholesterol levels than those who drink fewer than two cups. While nine cups may seem a lot, break it up through out the day and you’ll realize it’s not that difficult to drink that many cups. You could have one during and after each meal and during your breaks.

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The role of the ‘Chinese diet’ in promoting longevity has been investigated upon by many researchers. They found the premise of their study on observing Japanese women who are greater-than-average green tea drinkers; have lower mortality rates compared to others. This led the researchers to believe that the diet has “a protective factor against premature death.”

The polyphenols found in the diet may be held accountable. With its high amount of polyphenols, it seems to have a stimulating effect on the immune system. A stronger immune system as a result of drinking the green tea helps reduce risks of obtaining many illnesses.

If these health benefits of doing the Chinese green tea diet don’t motivate you to start drinking this miracle in a cup, chances are you’ll never become motivated to loose weight. So start today and drink up. The health benefits go well beyond weight loss!

A Comprehensive Guide to Health & Safety Measures at a Workplace

About a few decades ago, there was very little awareness about the term occupational health and its benefits. With time, the workplace environment has undergone many advancements and a number of rules and regulations have been designed to provide a better work environment for the safety of people working in a company. Till now, a considerable amount of regulations has been evolved that are known to govern a workplace and offer an enormous rise in the occupational health services.
Cause of the Workplace Regulations Development
There have been a number of grounds on which, the workplace regulations of today have been developed. Fundamentally, the basic motive of development of such regulations is to provide such an environment for the people, where they can go to work, without any fear of falling ill or getting injured. Along with this, the more safety measures adopted at a workplace, the better is the output of the employees, which, in turn, improves the productivity of a business. Thus, an enterprise’s profit can be enhanced by simply following health related regulations in the workplace, since a workplace injury can have a negative impression on all the staff, inevitably reducing the efficiency of the firm.
All the points discussed above have led to the development of occupational health system, involving pulmonary function testing and other procedures to create a healthy workplace environment.
Aspects of Occupational Health
There are several different aspects available in working environments that are covered under regulations followed by an occupational health program, out of which, a few are listed below:
* The legislation governing health & safety at a workplace is a devised for the protection of people in a workplace from any damage to their safety & health. This legislation covers different aspects and risks associated with the results on an employee’s health due to any workplace activity.
* There are fire regulations developed for the protection of people, including both employees and employers, from fire related hazards that might occur in a workplace. Thus, fire accidents are covered under a different legislation in a work environment, providing a safer environment for the employees of a particular organization or a business.
* Risk assessments are another aspect of such health programs formulated for the safety and better health of the workers of a firm. Companies are compelled to carry out all the risk assessments from time to time, in order to find out any chances of danger to life and property at a workplace. This also covers the assessment of different measures that need to be taken for the avoidance of injuries sustained in the workplace.
These are a few of the elements of the whole subject, covering the health and safety at a workplace. Several companies have come up with different health services like pulmonary function testing and others to ensure a healthier staff, leading to a profitable business environment in compliance with the health legislation and regulations.