Website content is your biggest sales driver – Contentmart


A website is a must for every business. Whether you have one or planning to start a new business you should have a website by your company name. Most importantly, it is the first place where a customer research about your company, company products and services, customers, and locations. So, therefore, it is very crucial to have the relevant and valuable content which is a niche to your business.

Contentmart lists down the factors to be taken into consideration before writing content on the website


  • Research, Research, and Research

Contentmart’s exploratory research says, it is okay to spend quality time on research to carefully jot down the important points of your business. The more you spend time on researching the more you get to know about your competitors and the existing businesses who use web site content to interact with their audience.

  • Choose your niche market and clearly define your target audience

Be as specific as possible. Choosing the niche area of your business is when you will be able to create Unique Selling Proposition of your business. Knowing the target audience is another important facet of the business. Once you have clearly defined the targeted audience then it will be an easy job to write the content writers directly.


  • Create unique and High-quality content

Avoid jargon/gobbledygook and keep the language very simple. Make sure you write only the unique content with correct passive tenses and skip unnecessary words in the website content. Talk about one topic at one place. Do not deviate from the topic and avoid repetition of content on the other pages of the website. Get high quality content from highly skilled content writers in India at

  • Create Strong headlines that suit your business

Understand your audience requirements and create strong headlines according to in the website content. Best is by using bold text, style and italics to make a solid presentation of content.

  • Write persuasive content on Products and services pages

Focus more on benefits rather than features. Write short compelling 2-3 liners about the products or solutions benefits and give a link as read more which directs to open a page and detailed content. You can also find Copywriters at Contentmart marketplace.

  • Show audience your business is growing

Use your testimonials content as a sales pitch to help the customers know that your business is growing. Sharing interesting content with respect to the subject will attract more customers. Basically writing content about a number of happy clients? What is the annual growth rate? A number of projects done? Contentmart suggests using graphics to answer these questions. This will simply attract visitors and trigger them to reach out to you.

  • Strong presence on social media channels

Customers tend to see your visibility on social media channels. Make sure you are active on your social media pages and continuously posts articles, success stories, blogs, infographics, GIFs, videos and so on. Engage with other audience on social media and increase more likes and comments on your blog posts and articles.